Internet marketing is fast becoming the advertising method of choice of small businesses. They get maximum exposure and internet traffic from prospective purchasers and customers. 

In fact, according to ISP Interland, small home businesses and medium scale companies (SMBs) are getting returns that are significantly higher because of their online marketing strategy. Also, more than half of business owners are saying that the increase in their monthly revenues are due to online purchases. 

Aside from this, most of their offline sales are due to the influence of their websites and online marketing.

However, it is surprising that not all are using search engine optimization when in recent years, search engines are essential tools for buyers. Instead of companies and businesses looking for clients online, it is the buyers that are looking for worthy purchases on the internet. 

Studies and surveys show that over two-thirds of SMBs’ online and offline sales are fueled by online researches. It is therefore crucial for SMBs’ products, services, and company names to appear in these searches. 

Visibility in search engines is part of a good and efficient internet marketing plan, but merely appearing on these searches. What these SMBs need are effective keywords that draw customers in and not just visitors.

Visibility in search engines is effectively linked to credibility and brand awareness. My friend, an online marketing specialist suggests that optimizing press releases gives SMBs excellent visibility and keep them on the consumers’ radar. 

His provides another useful tip: giving these releases “news” appeal gives them credibility. Aside from these general tips from a specialist, there are other guides that SMBs rely on in internet marketing.

Tips to Keyword Efficiency

Researching and testing keywords is an effective way to find the most popular combinations. Sites like WordTracker and Overture help in selecting keywords. Internet marketing optimization benefits from the use of phrases rather than a single word as keyword. Me as SEO Specialist, search consultant for High Rankings, says that more specific keywords draw and attract real customers and not just people who are browsing around. 

It is also important to mix general terms and specific words as keywords; this way, SMBs draw in all prospective clients. It is also a good idea to include the company name and title tags as part of the keywords. The use of jargon is also a good idea especially if the SMBs’ products are industry-specific.

Linking keyworded in articles to other articles or sites is also an effective strategy. Lastly, it is vital that SMBs be honest about the service and product that they offer to avoid disappointed buyers. It is one thing to advertise a product and a completely different thing to exaggerate about its features.


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