The complete search engine optimization (SEO) process is often misunderstood by many people, which is why they often commit many SEO mistakes that can cost them their page ranking in search engines and lose the traffic volume of possible clients. SEO can help you direct traffic to your site, but getting them to stay is a whole new different ball game.

The entire SEO process revolves around the idea of getting a good page ranking in search engines by employing specific strategies so that people can find your site easier. The better your page ranking is, the easier it is for users to find it, the more appealing it is for them to visit your site, thereby increasing the amount of traffic that your site can generate. However, if the users do not find any relevant content on your site, then your efforts to get them to your site would just have been in vain.

If you want to be able to ensure that you can get users to stay on your site, you must learn some basic content strategies to do so.

Relevant content

As mentioned earlier, getting people directed to your site or page is one thing, but getting them to find relevant content and stay is another. To generate positive and profitable effects of the amount of traffic that you can divert to your site, you need to offer them precisely what they are looking for.

When users look for particular content, they will employ keyword searches on search engines. Once they are directed to your site using those keywords, they expect to find relevant content about that keyword, so make sure that you have content relevant to their searches. Avoid using keywords that have no relevance to your content, but you use them anyway to gain more traffic directed to your page due to the popularity of that keyword.

This will only result in users clicking back to their search engines and not necessarily positively affecting your page ranking. Make sure that your choice of keywords correlates to the content you are creating on your page.

More content is better.

The more content or articles you create about a particular topic or keyword, the more chances you have of getting tagged and linked by other sites and increasing your chances of answering a user’s search for relevant content. Like fishing, the more assorted baits you have, the better your chances of catching a fish. One way that you can get the right user, you need to offer more content for users.

Also, the different articles you create and post on your site and other sites can generate a lot of backlinks that can lead users back to your site.

Keep content fresh

Creating and posting new content regularly can significantly improve your site’s chances of getting recommendations from other sites, especially those linked to your site. The more times you offer new and fresh content, the more opportunities your users searching for a particular content will have to find one relevant to their search.

Link building

Building links is another content strategy that you can employ to help users search for particular content to find your site offering relevant content to their search. Try to link to those other sites with similar content, or at least use the same keywords to tag their site’s content.

This way, any user searching in those sites will be directed to your page’s similar content, making it easier for users to find your page.


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