The best source of qualified, targeted traffic is search engine traffic. But millions are still unaware of this fact. The most baffling part is even people involved in an online business are unknown to this fact. Some would say, there would be no SEO companies if most knew it. That’s a truth too. 

Where does a website go wrong in being search engine friendly ?  The answer to this is that it goes wrong as soon as it is started by a web designer. The lack of knowledge or complete illiteracy of SEO on the part of most web designers is the key problem. The second step where the website owners go wrong is the choice of an experienced and skillful seo expert. 

Search Engine Optimization – A different  perspective

Tracking down someone good is not that difficult. The key to finding someone with reasonable skill is clear communication. When you interact with someone, you will find out the expertise level, the experience, search engine parameters and algorithm knowledge and also some references. 

These should be enough to verify YOUR seo expert. A couple of minor but sometimes reflective aspects are – mode of payments and his own website rankings. While varied mode of payments reflect an established company or individual, his own website ranking should provide a lot of insight in to his seo skills.

Search engine optimization at the inception of the website or designing of the website is the best way to go about. There are a lot of optimization companies which offer web designing and development. A lot of people actually opt to get a site designed by a seo company in order to make it search engine friendly right from the start. Why not all ?


SEO "Right" Strategy

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