You’ve only heard of the term crypto art or NFT recently because of the controversy surrounding this new type of art. In fact, in truth, Crypto art is the practice of presenting art on the blockchain network that has been going on for seven years.

Crypto art is favored for its ability to verify ownership of digital works. Like the original signed Picasso painting whose authenticity and right can be identified. Crypto art can be done in the same way via NFT or tokens.

NFT, a non-fungible token, is a digital token that is now widely used in digital commerce and has almost been applied in music, art, and sports. This digital token uses a computer network (Blockchain) to identify a digital upload in a video, image, or song as an authentic product.

So, What Is Crypto Art?

Crypto art is a term that refers to physical artwork or digital artwork that is tokenized on the Blockchain platform. According to Jason Bailey of Artnome, crypto art is a rare piece of digital art (hence you will often encounter the term Rare in crypto art transactions) tied to a unique token on the Blockchain.

NFT is what makes art exchange possible in this digital realm. An NFT is a special token representing a unique ID linked to a non-replicable crypto artwork and verifying other digital goods. This token can be attached to anything: JPEG, GIF, MP4, even music. The tickets that support ownership of these “real” files are stored on the Blockchain, a permanent ledger-like network that can be accessed from any computer in the world.

Through NFT, ideas about ownership, uniqueness, collection of items, and rare (rare or super rare) digital items are possible. If you buy a product with NFT, you purchase an original product that is guaranteed to be the only one. For some users, NFT is also often equated with shopping cards.

How to sale crypto art

Come on, Make Money Through Crypto Art! What is Crypto Art?

Where Did Crypto Art Start?

In 2014, Monograph, the earliest platform that allows digital artwork with its unique code, started marketing this digital NFT product on the blockchain network.

Since then, artists have been able to sell the rights to their artwork accompanied by a unique NFT code for a cryptocurrency fee.

There was also Rare Pepe, who lit up the crypto art world in 2016. They use a blockchain technology platform called Counterparty. Don’t be surprised; various Pepe-style step memes are sold on the forum. Memes, paid with Ethereum? Anything can happen in the world of Crypto Arts trading in the digital age.

In 2018, Rare Art Fest was held, a festival for crypto arts and rare (rare) digital arts. This festival is held in New York.

At the festival, Homer Pepe’s NFT Ethereum was sold for US$39,200. This fact will surprise you even more: in 2021, aka three years later, Homer Pepe’s value touched the US $ 320,000. Seeing this, crypto art is a promised investment prospect in the art field, right?

Previous owner, Peter Kell, from artist Joe Looney in 2016 and featured at the Rare Art Labs Digital Art Festival. Looney’s work was inspired by artist Matt Furie who specializes in meme art, including Rare Pepe, an art experiment in the blockchain realm. Token Angel from Kell, on March 5, admitted that he sold some of his NFT CryptoPunks to buy Homer Pepe.

Increasingly known among artistsโ€ฆ

Over time, there have been many success stories of crypto art sales. Last year, Beeple digital artists sold their experiences for more than $3.5 million. Equally significantly, Deadmau5 musicians are selling tokenized/NFT digital pins, stickers, and merch in December.

Chris Torres, the artist behind the famous Nyan Cat GIF work (who turns ten this year), has remastered the experience. Interestingly, I am also interested in selling it on the Foundation’s crypto art platform. The auction lasts for 24 hours.

How Does Blockchain Work for Crypto Art?

In the crypto world, Blockchain can be compared to a fine art expert. To verify the authenticity of Picasso’s work, you need an art expert who understands the history of Picasso’s work. Well, in the crypto world, k


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