Millions upon millions of dollars have been made by sites getting ranked highly in Google. Of course, these sites are optimized to get the rankings. While optimization is critical, it is also vital that you get all the pages of your site indexed in Google. 

The good news is it is fairly easy to get Google to suck up the pages of your site. There are a couple of different ways, but you need to do one thing before worrying about getting indexed. 

Sitemaps are rarely clicked on by most visitors to a site, but they are critical nonetheless. A site map isn’t vital because it helps a visitor get around the site. It is vital because it helps the search engine indexing robots find all the pages on the site. In this case, you want to create a site map for your site to make sure the β€œGooglebot” finds all the pages you have labored to put up. 

Google actually has an xml sitemaps tool, but I prefer to actually make sitemaps since I want Yahoo and MSN to index the site as well. 

Once you have a site map, the easiest way to get the attention of Google is to create a free blog. Go to and open a free account. Just follow the three or four simple steps and you will be ready to go. Once the account is open, create your first blog entry. 

Getting Indexed in Google – Quick and Easy

Type anything you want, but make sure to include a link to your home page and your site map in the entry. Hit the enter button and you are on your way. Why? Google owns, so it regularly canvases the blogs and links. Within a week or two, your site should start appearing in Google. 

A second way to get indexed in Google is to write an article. Create one on a subject relevant to your site. Make it about 750 words long or about a page in length. Open an account with an article directory. The account should be assigned immediately after opening the account. Login and go to your member profile. 

Add the domain to your site in the appropriate box and save it. Then submit your article. Make sure to include an author byline where indicated and include a link to your site. The Google indexing robot will crawl the site at least once a week, find your links and follow them to your site. Within a few weeks, you should see your site indexed in Google. 

You can also add your domain directly to Google, but this is really a waste of your time.  So many people do it on a daily basis that it may take three months for Google to get to your site. 

You can use any of the above techniques to get the attention of the Google indexing bot. Regardless of how you do it, keep in mind it will take a few weeks for your site to appear. There are millions of sites on the web, so the robot has a lot of ground to cover.


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