You'll Get:

Recommendation of the most appropriate SEO elements for your website.
Right strategy, potential keywords, so that you can bring visitors and increase leads & sales.
A complete report on the performance of your website. from technical to template structure

    Did you try a DIY website audit checklist, only to find you missed the essential items that would indeed influence your SEO, traffic, and revenue? You're not alone. Technology rapidly changes, and it's hard to keep up with the latest digital marketing information.
    You need a professional website audit to keep your website and SEO healthy.
    SEO is about making small incremental changes that make a website easy for search engines to crawl, render, and digest. If a search engine can easily digest your website, it won't know exactly how to use it in search.
    We performed our first website audit back in 2011. Since that time, technology has changed, Google has changed, and SEO and ranking in search rules have changed. We want to take almost a decade of website audit experience and help you ensure your website is healthy, search engine friendly, and ready to convert website visitors.