Improved Search Engine Ranks Strategies

SEO is a new animal. Many ask me if SEO is a new science or mathematical discipline. Absolutely not, SEO is an art. That’s why you have the same odds to be successful in SEO like me or like anyone else. Yet, there are some improved search engine ranks strategies that you may use to […]

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Tips to Keyword Efficiency

Internet marketing is fast becoming the advertising method of choice of small businesses. They get maximum exposure and internet traffic from prospective purchasers and customers.  In fact, according to ISP Interland, small home businesses and medium scale companies (SMBs) are getting returns that are significantly higher because of their online marketing strategy. Also, more than […]

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Getting Indexed in Google – Quick and Easy

Millions upon millions of dollars have been made by sites getting ranked highly in Google. Of course, these sites are optimized to get the rankings. While optimization is critical, it is also vital that you get all the pages of your site indexed in Google.  The good news is it is fairly easy to get […]

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Importance of Meta Tag SEO

Meta Tags are HTML tags which provide information to the search engines, describing the content of the webpages a user is likely to view. Search engines have recognized that website owners and administrators can use this resource to control their positioning and descriptions in search engine results.  The three types of Meta tags are: Title- […]

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Anatomy of a Good Sitemap

A sitemap is an aid used in making navigation through a website easier. It contains the structure of the website along with the included links to the major parts and subsections of the website. A website’s sitemap has a practical and essential use. It makes it easier for visitors to visit through and navigate the […]

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How Backlinks Help In Better Serp's

SEO is one of the most unnecessarily complicated jobs there is in the internet business world. There are so many “secrets” and “gurus” that offer you the hidden knowledge necessary for top search engine rankings, when in reality, search engine optimization is actually pretty simple. Search engine optimization, can be divided into two parts: on-site […]

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Top 10 of the Most Common SEO Mistakes

My name is Fajar Tri and I am the Specialist of Search Engine Optimization in Jakarta - Indonesia.  As part of this organization my main goals are the improvement of SEO for some web engine websites and dynamic content management systems.  This article is targeted at broad SEO advice for website owners, web designers or […]

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3 Key Off-Page SEO Methods

On-page search engine optimization is definitely one of the key methods if a website owner would like to improve the results for his or her website's searchability. However, on-page SEO often entails technical skills. Why? Not a lot of people are HTML enthusiasts. This is often what needs to be tweaked to do an excellent […]

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Search Engine Optimization – A different perspective

The best source of qualified, targeted traffic is search engine traffic. But millions are still unaware of this fact. The most baffling part is even people involved in an online business are unknown to this fact. Some would say, there would be no SEO companies if most knew it. That’s a truth too.  Where does […]

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