Keyword Selection For SEO

Your keyword selection is one of the main components that help determine the success or failure of your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Although this may not appear much, choosing the right keyword to use for your website is one of the more grueling parts of the entire SEO process, mainly if you aim to […]

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SEO Basics: The Do's And Don'ts

Many people can grasp the general idea of search engine optimization (SEO) but still have no idea how to go about the entire process. Unfortunately, not knowing the basic do's and don'ts in SEO will create problems for you and your website, later on, so you must learn them as soon as possible. The basic […]

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5 Ways to Keep Visitors Coming Back

Many successful websites depend on returning visitors to account for a significant part of their traffic. Returning visitors are easier to convert into paying customers because the more often they return to a site, the more trust they have in that site. The credibility issue melts away. Hence, keep your visitors coming back to your […]

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NFT Crypto Art

You've only heard of the term crypto art or NFT recently because of the controversy surrounding this new type of art. In fact, in truth, Crypto art is the practice of presenting art on the blockchain network that has been going on for seven years. Crypto art is favored for its ability to verify ownership […]

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SEO Using Content Strategies

The complete search engine optimization (SEO) process is often misunderstood by many people, which is why they often commit many SEO mistakes that can cost them their page ranking in search engines and lose the traffic volume of possible clients. SEO can help you direct traffic to your site, but getting them to stay is […]

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SEO Effect Of Duplicate Content

There are a lot of ways that you can improve your site’s page ranking in search engines, unfortunately, not all of them are good. Some people employ certain methods in acquiring a high page rank in search engines, even if these are considered to be deceitful in the sense that they are designed to trick […]

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SEO: White Hat vs Black Hat

SEO approaches are divided into two namely white hat and black hat SEO. White hatters are known to follow stringent guidelines in driving potential visitors into websites. They also abhor the methods used by black hatters and try to find more ways to avoid problems in searches and page rankings. White hat SEO can be […]

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Search engine optimization and search engine marketing both are intrinsic parts of Internet marketing efforts. But there is some confusion as to which one is a better strategy in return on investment (ROI) terms. This article helps clear some of the doubts. SEO vs. SEM – The ROI Myth Busted Return on investment (ROI) is […]

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Identifying keywords for your business

Every search starts with a word, or more likely, a group of words. These words are called keywords and keywords are at the heart of SEO. To rank high in search results, you need to identify the most important key words or keyword phrases you're potentially customers are using to find your website, or more […]

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