Hello, my name is Fajar Tri. digital marketer well experienced since 2011. SEO-SEM Expert & Web Maker focus on performance & conversion.

Professional Profile

I’ve started digital marketing Est 2011 until today. so many experiences. special skills: Web Design & SEO-SEM. fajaar.com web is made by myself using oxygen builder. I've enjoy with every project especially my field.

Personal Profile

Simple, flexible, & open minded. enjoying conversation, good listeners, love jokes, love music, love coffee. sometimes I can be a nice person and sometimes I can be unpleasant. Born in Jombang East Java 1989. you can find me at:

Education & Career

I'm graduated Diploma 2008 - 2011, and continued degree in 2013 but I dropped out. My career in the company changes frequently, and I find it more comfortable to work independently/with small team. so right now I prefer to work from home while educating my wife and my children. I want to spend more time with my family.

Not sure? no worries you can request  digital marketing strategy for free!

Don't worry I'm not an agency, I'm an SEO Expert since 2011. and I also focus on SEM. where these two strategies play an important role in increasing business growth.
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