Fajar Tri − SEO Expert

Thank You for come here. let me tell you a little about my experience in digital marketing. 

I started making a website based on PHP-native since in 2010. but in early 2011 I was more interested in SEO, until I got big leads to conversions more than $300K USD in 2014 (T-Shirt Company). I've been doing this with small team less than 6 month.
" But that is just past great experience, and not meant to affect you. what matters is today's and future "
I knew Google algorithm updates regularly. SEO game changes frequently without changing the fundamentals. and in 2014 I learned about SEM/Google Ads, email marketing, and things related to digital marketing. so I have a lot of experience in it. 

Currently, I combine 2 methods: SEO for long term, SEM for short term. how do I make a plan to reach target?
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